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Our Sacred Lineage

NISARGA FARMS founded by Sw. Krishana Chaitanya and Sw. Dhyan Vivek. We are International AromaTechnologists, Aromatherapists, Classical Hatha Yoga meditators and practitioners.


AromaTechnologist means how to do quality control, to select the right aromatic crop. Ethical, sustainable, local, and ORGANIC farming practices. And also to educate small distillers. 

The role of AromaTechnologist is farm, distillation and field work. Aromatherapist role is more directly with the customer, product development, safety, teaching, solutions and usage of oils. So AromaTechnology is the backbone of Aromatherapy. Better to say it is one half of the True Aromatherapy.


Sw. Krishana Chaitanya and Sw. Dhyan Vivek belong to the sacred lineage of Classical Hatha Yoga.

Swami (Sw.) in Sanskrit means a person who leads the life of True Yogi by mental action, speech, behavior, and takes charge of his life completely in a Holistic way thus creating a true holistic world around him.

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Nisarga Farms- The sacred spirit of Himalaya

  Our collective farm name ‘Nisarga’ in Sanskrit means Nature, Creation, Inborn, Innate, Raw, Original, Sustainable, Ethical and Organic. At Nisarga Farms we are committed to produce original and best therapeutic grade of oils and farm products as natural as we can.


  At Nisarga Farms we are group of 50 plus farmers in North India mainly located in Himalayan region and The Great Ganges plain area. We distill the highest quality of Essential Oils, Hydrosols and Carrier Oils.

   We do not distill oils in tons. Our production is really less. Our core focus is on quality, not on quantity. And in quality we focus on the energy of the oil, not just purity. Purity is merely a prerequisite condition for potency.

   We sell oils to Aromatherapists, Yogis, Monks, healers, holistic spas, herbalists.

  We do not sell our oils to Synthetic cosmetic companies. Nor do we sell our oils to big brands.

  Perhaps we are the ONLY Farm & Company in India with Aromatherapy, Classical Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda and AromaTechnology qualification people. That is why we are able to maintain the quality of oils. And we strictly and sincerely maintain our core focus on therapeutic oils ONLY.

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Why to Trust us

We have been farming since our childhood and, also practicing classical Hatha Yoga. We are connected to the very basic of life through farming, and also to the highest a human being can think of in India i.e. our scared lineage of Yoga and Yogis. We simply follow one principle; We do and say what we know. What we do not know we say it clearly that we do not know. With such consciousness, intention and attitude trust is inevitable.

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