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What is an Absolute in Aromatherapy?

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Absolute in aromatherapy means an oil (generally dark in color) which is highly aromatic and produced through solvent extraction method. Essential oils and Absolute manufacturing process is different. Some raw materials have very less oil content, and too delicate or too inert. Hence to extract oil from such raw material, like Tuberose flower we use solvent extraction method. The oils extracted through solvent extraction is called “Absolute”.

For example, Rose Essential Oil or Otto is possible, and also Rose Absolute is possible.

Jasmine Essential Oil or Jasmine Otto is possible, and also Jasmine Absolute is possible. Many people claim that Jasmine Essential Oil aka Jasmine Otto is not possible, however it is not true. We distill Jasmine Sambac Essential Oil (Otto) in small batch. You can click at our rare oils to know more.

Flower of Tuberose for Absolute Making
Tuberose Flower . It smells so heavenly, and blooms on a long tube like stalk of the plant that is why it is called as Tuberose.

But, Tuberose Essential Oil is not possible till now, however its absolute is possible. We believe that as technology improves the essential oil of Tuberose or Tuberose Otto can also be possible.

Absolute are widely use in aromatherapy, natural cosmetics, natural perfumery and also in food and flavors. For example Vanilla Absolute is used in flavor industry. However these days it has been replaced by CO2, Supercritical Vanilla. Click here CO2 oils to know more about our supercritical oils.


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