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We are blessed with the fertile land, and heavenly climate in Kashmir region. So we do not have to do something special because nature has given us all. What we need is to recognize the power of mother earth. Yes, at the time of harvest we need more manpower to harvest, so our local people especially women help us a lot. And we do not disturb the land. It is very important to keep the sanctity of the land. To grow organically is very important for us. Even though nature has given us everything, but due to our foolishness and greed we human beings have spoiled the land worldwide. So the special thing we do (however there is nothing special in this) is not to disturb the mother earth, and let her remain organic.

The basic condition is that it must be cultivated in snowfall area approx. at an altitude of 6000 feet.

Other condition is that snowfall should be optimum. And sunlight must also be good enough throughout the year.

Harvest begins in June. At that time it is very busy time for all of us, and always wish and pray that it does not rain esp. during the harvest season.

To give you a little idea about lavender oil distillation, It takes about 300-400 Kg of lavender flowers to make an 1.5-2 Ltr of Kashmir lavender essential oil.

Regarding to this, we would like to highlight 5 major qualities of Kashmir Lavender which makes it special:

1) It is same French Lavender breed that is why it is also called True Lavender (High Altitude Lavender)

2) Our Kashmir Lavender potency is almost three times higher than other Lavender essential oils.

3) We grow it organically without any chemicals. Yes it is snow fed.

4) Moreover, we even do not use machines in the farm as they lead to pollution. We do not say that we avoid machines. Most of the work we do with hands and let the plant grow with love and care. The result of all this is visible our Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil.

5) We grow it in small pieces of lands, and also do mixed farming with apples, walnuts, almonds. Sometimes we even we get honey from our farms. To preserve the ecosystem, and grow plant in a healthy way it is very important to cultivate in small batch so that mother earth does not get burdened with one plant. This also helps to make synergy in the land with other plants, insects and microbes.

If you’d ask who uses our Kashmir Lavender? The fact is that our Kashmir Lavender has become very popular nowadays. Aromatherapist and herbalist around the world use our Kashmir Lavender because it is highly effective for therapy. Some natural perfumers also buy from us. These days skin care, and hair care formulators also buy from us. Means, if someone is looking for something potent, organic, pure, holistic, and beautiful lavender essential oil empowered with the Great and Sacred Spirit of Himalaya, then sooner or later they find us. Yes, you can also say that, sooner or later we also find them))

We welcome friends to visit us, also welcome everyone to ask questions about farming and oil quality.

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