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We have various aromatic plants in Himalaya Kashmir Mountains as well as plain areas in India. Growing rosemary is easier in plain area. But it is difficult to grow in mountains due to snowfall and lack of infrastructure. Interesting thing is that as far as we know, the best Verbenone chemotype of rosemary essential oil comes from Kashmir area with in India. That is why we cultivate and distill its oil. And we offer it at a cheaper price.

We have been cultivating Verbenone Kashmir Rosemary for more than 3 years. Our rosemary farm is not too big. It is a small farm. Means, we have less quantity distilled. Per Year we can distill maximum 25 Kg of Kashmir rosemary essential oil which is Kashmir Verbenone type of essential oil. Therefore currently we are only distilling its essential oil. Production is less. So we only focus on rosemary oil distillation.

Rosemary Verbenone Kashmir has two harvest seasons. One in June - July, Other in November - December. But we do not make it mandatory to distill twice a year. Sometimes we just leave the plant to grow more and let it be.

Usually we do not use harvest machines, we use our hands to harvest the rosemary. And I think it is good also because it helps to maintain the quality of the farm, and also gives another sacred level of satisfaction during the whole process.

We have Verbenone Kashmir type of rosemary. We really love it because the camphor content is too low in it and extremely safe to use. We choose it because it is very difficult to find such a rosemary in the market. And also it helps to make the aromatherapy market more versatile. Basically it is our passion for oils and love for aromatics plants that we cultivate and distill it.

The main quality is its softness and freshness which is not in other types of rosemary essential oil. For example, our Rosemary Verbenone essential oil also has a certain amount of natural D-Limonene (which is found in lemon) content in it. So all these naturally present aroma components makes our rosemary safe, soft, and easy to use in aromatherapy.

The best way is to use it in shampoo, soap and chakra blends. A general recipe is very difficult to share because it may not suit all the people. So, we recommend people to contact professional aromatherapist for the safe usage, safety and precautions. We can offer its analysis report for reference.

We provide GCMS analysis reports of all our oils to those who want. You can send us an email, and we will reply back. Generally we reply within 4-12 hours.

Do you want to try our Verbenone Kashmir type of rosemary?

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