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Rare, Sacred and Ancient Aromatic Oils

At Nisarga Farms Organic we take pride in offering the rare aromatic oils which are highly Aromatic, Medicinal, Therapeutic, Sacred as well as Ancient. All such oils are distilled by our master artisans. Such oils are not very well known in aromatic world and natural perfumery either. However, the raw material of such oil is very famous worldwide and has a rich history.

Hydro Distillation process of Wild Vetiver Essential Oil which is green in color

For example, we all know about Jasmine Sambac flower. But Jasmine Sambac Essential Oil aka Jasmine Otto is not known to exist. However we distill Jasmine Sambac Otto also. At Nisarga Farms Organic we offer such rare oils distilled by our Nisarga Farms Organic Master artisans in small batches. Joyfully we strive hard to bring the ancient and sacred raw materials in the form of oils to beautiful souls.

Distillation process of few of our rare, sacred, therapeutic and ancient oils

May the Mother Earth Blesses Each one of us through such rare, sacred and ancient offerings.

Welcome to our Rare, Sacred, Therapeutic and Ancient Oil Collection.

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